YOU know your potential. It’s our job to help you unlock it and get you there. We’ll help you get more customers, create better customer experiences and build longer customer relationships.
We’ve cracked the code to explode sales in any business and all it takes is 30-minutes of your time. This isn’t for businesses that don’t want to grow. We are so damn passionate about this growth, we are prepared to give away our 30-minute strategy session ($1000 value) for FREE.

Facebook Instagram Advertising

“Finally, an agency that specialises in just one thing.” – said by everyone who’s used a digital agency that pretends to do everything but does most of it badly?

We aren’t one of those ‘expert’ agencies that try to do everything. We do one thing only – and do it really well.

BidPixel does Facebook & Instagram Advertising management, optimisation and auditing and that’s it. Nothing else, don’t even ask 🙂

Spinaleze eCommerce Case Study

ROI 9.8x
Purchases 150
Time 4 Months
Total Sales $30,900+

Verve Cosmetic Clinic Sydney Case Study

Leads 76
Time 40 Days
Adspend $2244
Lead Value* $114,000

Alex Phillis Luxury Real Estate Case Study

Leads/mth 30+
Sale value > $15 million
Time 2 Months
Cost per click < $0.62

Sydney Doctor Lead Generation Case Study

Leads 95
Time 30 Days
Traffic Increase 121%
Growth 12x

Facebook/Instagram Advertising Health Check

Want to know how well your Facebook pixel and advertising account are performing? Wondering if the agency that is doing your work is doing the right thing?

Use our unbiased check to see how healthy your advertising account really is.

Bid Pixel $29 Pixel Health Checker
Facebook Pixel installation

Facebook and Instagram tracking pixel installation

Our expert team can get you started with your Facebook Advertising the right way. We will install your tracking pixel on your website or app and ensure that you are targeting important events like purchases and lead form submissions.

Our experts will install your tracking code the right way.

Want to learn how BidPixel is growing businesses sales by five times with ease? Contact us for a 30-minute challenge.

Bidpixel.com is a more than an agency, it is a community

Bidpixel is born out of being in the same shoes as you. We are business owners and at one point we were throwing 6 figures per month into offline advertising that we could just not track. From there, we hired our own team of experts to win back our marketing ROI, through the use of Facebook advertising. The good news is that we have opened up our experts to you – giving you clarity on your Facebook advertising.