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10,200 of the easiest leads ever generated for Car Dealerships

$35,000 Avg. Sale Value

10,700 Website Visits

240 Messenger Conversations

547,000 Ad Impressions

Village Motors is a group of car dealerships selling brand new cars of multiple brands as well as quality used cars. Based in Brisbane’s Northern suburbs, Village Motors is your quintessential local car dealership connecting people in their area with that new car smell! You know the one!


Like all local car dealerships, it’s a competitive game. Not only with other brand dealerships in their local area, but also not far into the next suburb, you have dealerships selling the same brands, for these guys, being close to a major city, the list of competitors was not a short list. Not only that, brand new car advertising  is literally everywhere, screens, billboards, tv’s… you name it. How then as a car dealership do you stand out? How do you get the attention of potential buyers when the product you are selling might not be completely unique to your competitors? How do you get those potential buyers to come to your car dealership so that your sales people can do what they do best?

Village Motors engaged BidPixel to position themselves at the forefront of their local residents minds when it comes to buying a new cars. Facebook advertising allows car dealers to reach people in a specific location, who are already engaged in looking for a vehicle, maybe even looking at car finance or leasing. So, we set out to reach as many of those potential buyers as we could and create the opportunity to generate leads and get potential buyers in the yard.

The ads we wanted to put in front of the potential buyers would have the goal of increasing their level of intent to buy as well as making a connection between them and the dealership so that when they ultimately reach the point of purchasing, they went to the dealership where they had already connected.


The first step was to identify and target potential buyers. We can do this by targeting those within the geographical area that have been showing interest in searching brand new and second hand cars. We are also able to separate the campaigns out to the specific brands to target based on brand interest for those. As mentioned, we are also able to target those who have been looking into finance or leasing. This would be getting the potential buyers to click on the ad to see what’s on offer.

We then target higher intent ads towards those who did engage with the original ad. These ads would include our in house designed messenger bots which would allow the potential buyer to connect further with the dealership. If you are not sure what a messenger bot is, it is an automatic message sequence built out using third-party platforms to connect with the Facebook messenger platform. The messenger bot allows the person to directly book a test drive, request more information or connect them straight to a salesperson at the dealership. All with just a click on the ads we put in front of them.


All of a sudden, you have a potential car buyer who has connected with your dealership and they have already shown a level of intent.


People are always going to want new cars, that’s not the challenge, the challenge as a dealership is getting them to your yard so your salespeople can do what they do best.

In a one month period we were able to get ads in front of 185,000 potential car buyers. And to make sure that they really have the chance to make that connection, those individuals would see those ads a number of times. This meant that the ads themselves were shown over 540,000 times, bringing the average cost to reach 1000 people (CPM) under $10 which is amazing value. This all resulted in over 10,200 individuals visiting the car dealership website. And this is where it gets interesting. Using our in-house designed messenger bots, were able to create ads encouraging the audience to make a connection with the dealership. Over the course of the 30 day period, 240 individuals made that extra connection with the dealership, and out of that number, 50 individuals provided their contact details in so that they could connect with a sales person at the dealership.


All in all, since engaging BidPixel,  the Facebook ads for this dealership has directly resulted in over 20 vehicles being sold at an average of $35,000 each. All of these sales are attributed to the buyers making their first connection to the dealership through a Facebook ad.


People are always going to want new cars, that’s not the challenge, the challenge as a dealership is getting them to your yard so your salespeople can do what they do best. Facebook advertising, when done properly, has a unique way of getting in front of qualified buyers and giving them that opportunity for that extra connection that car dealerships thrive on. We know that selling cars is competitive, that’s why here at BidPixel, we are passionate about giving our clients the upperhand in their industry by making sure that they make the connection with potential buyers first so that ultimately, they can sell more cars!

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