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Case Studies

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Party Supply store smashed their advertising goals 5 x over with one simple strategy

Character Parties AU

The Client

Character Parties are an online party supplies store based out of South East Queensland, Australia. Since 2012, these guys have shipped more than 32,000 orders across Australia.

Their core business is selling licensed character themed items for kids parties – cups, plates, balloons, invitations, you name it. Because of this, clients are purchasing multiple items to get the whole theme happening for their child’s party.

The Problem

Because of the nature of the business, their website was complex with many different products in many different product categories, which in turn made for a poor user experience. It also meant that it was hard to accurately track where potential customers were leaving the store. No business likes the idea of customers slipping through the cracks unnoticed, right?

The Goal

Character Parties reached out to BidPixel to assist them in effectively reaching customers that had left their store without a purchase. Again, they didn’t want these customers leaving unnoticed. Their ideal outcome was to get a 5x return on their ad spend (ROAS).

The Plan

We set up a plan to retarget customers that had visited any of the category level on their website. We wanted them back on the site to follow through with a purchase. Our first step to achieving this was to complete a Facebook Pixel install (you can find more information about that here). This allowed us to create Facebook and Instagram ads that were specifically targeted to customers who had visited any of the category levels on the website. We chose to retarget these customers within a 7-day period so we could reach them whilst they were at the height of their decision-making process.

The Results

Since Character Parties came on board with BidPixel, we have managed to get ads in front of nearly 110,000 parents (and still climbing). Each month we have had consistent results of at least 17 x return on their ad spend with a cost per acquisition averaging at $1.87. With an average sale being in excess of $110, an exceptional result, would you agree? But it doesn’t stop there. In the last 14 days, we have seen their results continue to improve, maintaining a 26 x return on ad spend. On top of that, one of the ads we created is seeing a whopping 170 x return on ad spend, talk about exceeding your goals!

The Wrap Up

For Character Parties, we are continuing to see consistent and improving results due to some simple but effective retargeting campaigns. What does it mean for them? They can keep doing what they do best, selling party supplies. They know that any money they are spending on Facebook & Instagram advertising is making its way back into their business through increased sales and customer retention.

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