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Hunter Design School AU

The Client

Learn how a design school went from generic advertising to generating strong leads through targeted Facebook campaigns.

Hunter Design School is a design school based out of Newcastle in NSW. They specialise in tertiary qualifications for different areas of design. This includes Interior Design, Graphic Design, Colour Consulting as well as CAD qualifications.

The Problem

Offering qualifications in the niche area of design meant that Hunter Design School was not going to appeal to everybody. Using traditional forms of advertising meant that there was little way that these guys could be specific in their targeting to ensure they were reaching their potential students.

The Goal

The goal was to increase their presence as a design school and generate quality leads for potential future students.

The Plan

Firstly, we set out to build their brand. This involved setting up a campaign specifically directed to the creative community using hyper-targeting under multiple strategies. We then went and set up a campaign that was specifically designed to connect the design school with strong leads for potential students. Again, we used hyper-targeting and we also used strategic exclusions to further increase the strength of the campaign.

The Results

Since Hunter Design School engaged with BidPixel, we have continued to optimize their campaigns through different trials and testing. In the last month, their campaigns have reached just over 20,000 creative students looking to enrol. Following from these campaigns, they have received solid leads for potential students with one ad producing leads at a low cost of $2.80 per lead.

The Wrap Up

Although Hunter Design School has a fairly niche market, we here at BidPixel have been able to assist them to generate strong leads, connecting them to their ideal client. Gone are the days of just putting your brand out there and hoping the right people come along.

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