Thrive Facebook advertising pack inclusions

It’s important that you know what you are getting for your dollar and this is where we lay our cards on the table. When you sign up to one of our Thrive Facebook advertising packages, you are you are looking for a high return on your advertising dollar and you are ready to THRIVE!

We’ve designed this package as a great package for businesses or brands looking to move away from costly print media advertising and get a laser-pointed report on just where their ad spend is going. Brands looking for vast cold audience growth through hyper-targeted interest outreach and for those brands with a healthy database of previous clients that we can build out lookalike audiences based of Facebooks 273,000 touch points will thrive on this package.

This package is perfect to escape the years of non-performing and unaccountable print, TV and Radio advertising and get cold hard stats on how far we get your advertising dollar to go.

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  • Thrive Pack – $5990/mth

    • $3,800/mth advertising spend
    • $2,190 Management fee
    • Up to six monthly campaign objectives
    • Remarketing to your website, Facebook and Instagram visitors
    • Unlimited advertising creatives/message combinations
    • Lookalike audience growth based on Facebooks 273,000 individual touch points on any one person
    • Custom audience creation for ongoing growth and targeting
    • Dynamic eCommerce catalogues for Shopify or WooCommerce
    • Abandoned cart integration
    • Professional Ads and Copywriting
    • Weekly advert optimisation
    • Geo-located advertising
    • Dedicated Project Manager
    • 24/7 live chat support
    • Monthly Customised reporting
    • Minimum 3-month commitment

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much of the $5990/mth is actually spent on advertising?

$3800 of the monthly overall $5990 charge will go towards advertising spend. We’ll use this wisely and spit it across each campaign to ensure that we are allowing each objective of your package to generate leads/sales.

Where do you get the images and wording from for the adverts?

We’ll work with you on the setup of the images and wording. While we offer professional graphic designers and wordsmiths, we also want to make sure we are articulating the advertisements in a voice that suits your business. Images can be taken off your current website or Facebook wall, or we can design bespoke images for your campaigns.

What sort of ROI should I expect to get?

In the world of Facebook advertising, you’ll find the acronym ROAS used often. What this stands for is Return On Advertising Spend.

In all of our remarketing ads, we aim for a 4 x ROAS return.

What about the management fee you ask? Well that comes down to time and expertise = money. You are paying us, a Facebook advertising agency for our time and expertise to create, manage and report on your ads.